I'm quite new to this forum and I'm seeking a little help with my project that I've been working on. The issue that I'm having is that I'm trying to create a set of drawings on a 11x17 sheet for a portfolio but my fonts are just not consistent throughout the drawings. For example I have a floor plan at 1:200 so that it would fit nicely in the paper space but using a font of 2.5 mm or higher just doesn't look good or fit properly. Furthermore my details are using a scale of 1:10 - 1:25 and using a font size of 2.5mm works quite well but if I was to use lets say a smaller font size that works well with my floor plans for ex. 1.5mm it looks awful.

so my question really is how do I get all my views to use a font size that works well? Is there something I'm overlooking? I think my lack of knowledge with the program is hindering me from finding a probably easy solution.