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Thread: Fix LISP with Rotate & Layer

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    Default Fix LISP with Rotate & Layer

    Hi. I haven't played with AutoLISP in years and was never really proficient to begin with. I need some assistance in fixing this lisp. The top right rectangle need to rotate 90 degrees and line up next to the bottom rectangle. The layer needs to be set to a specific layer name "TOP". Any help would be appreciated.

    ;;--------------=={ TOP.lsp }==--------------;;
    (defun c:TOP ()
      (setq l   (getdist "\nLength: ")
            w   (getdist "\nWidth: ")
            d   (getdist "\nDepth: ")
            gap (getdist "\Enter gap between views: ")
            p   (getpoint "\nSpecify lower left point: ")
      (setq p1 p
            p2 (list (+ (car p) l) (+ (cadr p) w))
            p3 (list (+ (car p2) gap) (cadr p1))
            p4 (list (+ (car p2) gap d) (cadr p2))
            p5 (list (car p1) (- (cadr p1) gap d))
            p6 (list (car p2) (- (cadr p1) gap))
      (setvar "osmode" 0)
      (setvar "cmdecho" 0)
      (command "rectang" p1 p2 "rectang" p3 p4 "rectang" p5 p6
      (setvar "osmode" 703) ;your favourite osnap
      (setvar "cmdecho" 1)
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    Default Re: Fix LISP with Rotate & Layer

    Ok some hints car is X value cadr is y value get a pencil and go through your p1 p2 - p6 writing down x & y. Work out correct values for p5 p6

    Have a look at attachments its a library routine for multi line input.
    (defun c:top ( / l w d gap p p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6)
    (setq oldlay (getvar 'clayer))
    (setvar 'clayer "TOP")
    (setvar 'clayer oldlay)
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