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Thread: AutoLisp (Modification in Area Lisp Needed)

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    Cool AutoLisp (Modification in Area Lisp Needed)

    I have a lisp routine that calculates area of Cut & Fill Areas in Roadway Cross Sections,
    The only modification i want in my lisp routine is
    1) Auto Hatch Cut Area (ANSI31) , Color Cyan , Scale 1 , Angle "0"
    2) Auto Hatch Fill Area (ANSI31) , Color Yellow , Scale 1 , Angle "90"
    3) Auto Creates Each Layer i.e Cut & Fill

    Please check the below lisp routine, Thanks

    (defun filling ()
      (setq mom '(+ 0))
    	(setvar "osmode" 0)
      (while (setq imtiaz
    		(getpoint "\n Specify Cutting segment or exit:")
        (command "-Boundary" imtiaz	"" "Area" "o" "last")
        (command "erase" "last" "")
        (setq iftikhar (getvar "area"))
        (setq mom (append mom (list iftikhar)))
        (setq fat(princ (Eval mom)))
        (setq abr(rtos fat 2 3))
        (setq awa(strcat "CUT=" abr " Sq.m"))
    (setq sp (getpoint "\n Specify where to write the calculated area :"))
    (command "text" sp 0.20 0 awa)
    (setq awa (strcat "CUT=" "0.000" " Sq.m"))
    (defun cutting ()
      (setq mom1 '(+ 0))
      (while (setq imtiaz1
    		(getpoint "\n Specify FILLING segment or exit:")
        (command "-Boundary" imtiaz1 "" "Area" "o" "last")
        (command "erase" "last" "")
        (setq iftikhar1 (getvar "area"))
        (setq mom1 (append mom1 (list iftikhar1)))
        (setq fat1(princ (Eval mom1)))
        (setq abr1 (rtos fat1 2 3))
        (setq awa1 (strcat "FILL=" abr1 " Sq.m"))
    (setq sp1 ( list (car sp) (- (cadr sp) 0.40)))
    (command "text" sp1 0.20 0 awa1)
    (setq awa1 (strcat "FILL=" "0.000" " Sq.m"))
    (defun c:AA ()
    ;;;(command "zoom" "e");;;
    ;;;(command "insert" "xs" pause 1 1 0);;;
    ;;;(command "zoom" "e");;;
    (command "osmode" 33)
    ;;;(command "insert" "graph" pause 1 1 0);;;
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    Default Re: AutoLisp (Modification in Area Lisp Needed)

    You need to Wrap Code tags around any code you post.

    Clicking the [Go Advanced] button at the bottom puts a toolbar at the top and the # icon in that toolbar places code tags around selected text for you or simply paste your code inside.

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    Default Re: AutoLisp (Modification in Area Lisp Needed)

    Sir, Please work on this lisp, It's necessary, i'm stucked, i need it urgent.

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