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Thread: Merging Saved file name with Iproperties

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    Default Merging Saved file name with Iproperties

    When I save a part file, then open said part files Iproperties the file name comes up under the general tab as it should but instead of going to the Summery/Title location it shows up under the Project/Part Number location. This means I have to change the file name position manually when I update Iproperties. Is this normal??? I have looked in various books, tutorials etc. but I haven't found any way to change this so the file name comes up under Summery/title location automatically. What am I missing.

    Hopefully not clear as mud. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Merging Saved file name with Iproperties


    I believe this is normal behavior, except for Content Center components, where a title can be defined to auto-populate the Title field. There are some workarounds.

    • If the part is not stand-alone, and will be an assy component, the Title field can be modified en-masse with a simple copy and paste in the assy BOM.

    • Use an iLogic routine to populate the field.

    I'm sure there are other options.


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