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Thread: Visibility symbols not possible in fine?

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    Default Visibility symbols not possible in fine?

    I'm having a challenge here.
    I want to make a symbol visible in a pipe fitting tee family when it's rotated up/down.
    Since it's not on the reference plane, I can't use an annotation symbol.
    I tried it with a detail line and a symbollic line. Both work in coarse and medium, but not in fine in a plan view.
    Then I made a detail item family and nested it in the Tee family. Same problem: not visible in fine.
    Then I made a Generic Model family and drew detail lines, symbolic lines, even model lines and nested it in the tee family.
    The same everytime: when rotated, the symbol is not visible in fine in de plan view. It is visible though in a section view.
    In both families the visibility is turned on for coarse, medium and fine.
    I loaded the family in a totaly empty project to exclude any filters and so on; no go. It simply doesn't work. How can I make this work?

    Regards, Raymond
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