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Thread: PC Build Recommendations

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    Default PC Build Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend or send me a link on PC tower builds?
    I know what AutoCAD 2020 system requirements are.
    Is there any information saying which components should be more important than others?

    Example: Max out on RAM - Most important or Video Card should be at least....

    Our company mostly draws in 2D but we do dabble in 3D in AutoCAD on occasion and we also use SketchUp.

    My existing PC is a 64 bit Windows 10, so the new one will definitely be the same.
    just looking for recommendations on the components, Graphic Card, Processor.....ect.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: PC Build Recommendations

    First if you opinion matters don't get what the IT folk buy for us here:
    Last 3 had Intel Xeon with a zillion processors which all run very slow
    and each were expected to work with a Graphics Card from Intel's hated rival AMD slapped together by DELL as Workstations!

    I have a 10 yr old i5 PC at home similar to daversdave and a 5 yr old i7 something ending with R which means it may have less processors but runs faster for AutoCAD.
    Both of them blow away what all our engineers and CAD folk have always had to use. With only a few years left I'll never see one at work that doesn't give me plenty of time for a nice walk when I click a powerful command hoping it doesn't crash again. I had to add a drop-down just for Drawing Recovery Tools including a shortcut for the Temp folder that I use way too often.

    Rant just to remind you how important this decision is.

    As speed is the most important thing with this software don't forget how important solid state drives are!

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    Default Re: PC Build Recommendations

    If the processor comes with a decent integrated GPU then you wouldn't need a Graphics Card.

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