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Thread: AutoCAD keeps crashing when plotting a specific sheet

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    Default AutoCAD keeps crashing when plotting a specific sheet

    This one has absolutely baffled me. It's a very large convyeance_plan which has around 220 individual layout tabs set up. I understand I shouldn't have this many tabs as it can make files unwieldy, however I have plotted files like this just fine before. There seems to be some specific error that is stopping me here. I have tested a lot of different variations including deleting most of the sheets, WBlocking the file, full audits and purges and many more options that I have scoured the web for.

    I have a WeTransfer link to the file -

    The large A0 sheet at the start of the sheet set plots absolutely fine with no issues at all but as soon as I try to plot the A4 sheets, AutoCAD just shuts itself down without an error message or anything. I've eliminated the error being with the title block as this plots if I use it in another drawing and eliminated the possibility that the page setup is crashing it as it works if I just do an A4 sheet with some basic text on it. What seems to trigger the error is when I put a viewport that is heavy with information on the sheet. It's taken me my entire working day just to get to the crux of the issue, but I still can't for the life of me find a solution. If anyone has any ideas that would be amazing because this is driving me absolutely mad! I don't want to have to completely redo this drawing as they take an eternity to set up properly.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: AutoCAD keeps crashing when plotting a specific sheet

    Link to the file
    C:> ED WORKING....

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