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    Summary: There are still a few users in our office that will only use DTEXT. MTEXT is an infinitely better choice.

    Description: If users want to continue using this antiquated form of annotation that is up to them. It becomes a problem only when a CAD tech needs to change the scale of the drawing or when an old times just chooses the wrong text size. Annotative text is an even harder sell to some users.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Text

    Submitted By: rwilloughby on 10/15/2019

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    technology is not a substitute for management
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadtag View Post
    technology is not a substitute for management
    ......or put another way (by former AUGI president Mark Kiker....)

    "Don't try to solve a management problem with technology".
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    While I prefer Mtext as well there's many users who use Dtext. I've known a few who work with hardware that cuts text out of metal or plastic that isn't compatible with Mtext. 95% of all the attributes I've seen are still single line text. Removing one of the object types that have been in AutoCAD since the beginning would throw a monkey wrench in backwards compatibility. I've never cared for splines but it would feel weird if they suddenly were no longer an AutoCAD object.
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