i am working on a site plan done with civil 3d 2020. i used autodesk vehicle tracking to create the parking.
i had one access drive to an existing road. i used the create access command with no problem. later on
i needed to add another access. upon launching the command the software froze. after a reboot i tried again, it froze again.
So after numerous reboots, audits, recovers, purges and even inserting the drawing into a blank drawing, the command still will not work, it just freezes.
if i start a new blank drawing and launch the command, works just fine. but in my original drawing, i only freezes up.

any idea how to fix this? also, i have tried exporting the tracking data and importing it into a blank drawing, still does not work.

the only thing i haven't tried, which i thought about on my way home from the office is wblocking the drawing. don't have access to
the file till Monday morning.