I have a drawing created in Civil3D. I would like to export the linework to a kmz file that can be viewed in Google Earth. Is there a way to export the linework in a way that keeps the linetypes, colors, and layer functionality. In other words, when I open the kmz file in Google Earth, I would like to see the linework just as it is in CAD and separated by layer and not entity. For example, I would like to see existing paving as a hidden linetype, in the color blue, on a toggle layer in Google Earth with the same name as the layer in the CAD file "EXISTING PAVING". I can get the linework exported, but everything is the same color, continuous linetypes, and sorted as line1, line 2, line 3, etc. in the temporary places area of Google Earth. I am looking for a way to manage this in Civil 3D, Map 3D, or a third party software. If this can only be accomplished by third party software, are there any free programs, or other recommendations. Thanks.