Hi AUGI Members,

I have a lisp routine that creates a font style on the fly and then places the text string. However, on a few workstations the routine fails stating it cannot create that font style and I have no idea why this is happening because the "Arial.ttf" font style is installed on all workstations.

Below is an example of the code that is failing on several workstations......and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could identify the problem or recommend / suggest how to resolve this issue..!!

(Defun C:TX18 ()
  (SetVar "CMDECHO" 0)
  (IF (= DTS NIL)(Progn
    (Command "-Style" "TXT18" "Arial.ttf" "8.7" "1" "0" "N" "N")
  (Command "Dtext")
  (Setq DTS NIL)
  (SetVar "CMDECHO" 1)

Thank you in advance for your assistance,