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Thread: I changed aliaces and CUI, now many commands don't work

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    Default I changed aliaces and CUI, now many commands don't work

    It happened on all the Autocad versions along the tears.
    I modify the PGP file, toolbars and CUI.
    After a while, some unrelated commands don't work, for example:
    and more
    I use now Acad 2014

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    Default Re: I changed aliaces and CUI, now many commands don't work

    Did you save the CUI with a different name? If so try copying the original DLL and MNL files renamed the same as your new CUI.
    It's important to always create new profiles whenever you experiment with a new CUI so you can easily switch to a working profile and make sure all the folders in the original Support File Search Path are still in your new profile.

    See also:
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