Reference Keynotes and Sheet Keynotes: Can someone point me to a step by step tutorial on how to create reference and sheet keynotes in Autocad Architecture, and on how the keynotes, legends, and databases work interactively?

I have searched and searched for step-by-step tutorials, such as you might find for keynoting in Revit, but cannot find any step by step tutorials. Like literally from the first step. And then the second step. And by the way where do I find the staircase. And the railing.
I am trying to create reference keynotes and sheet keynotes in Autocad according to the NCS, and likewise to create the keynote legends.

Sheet Notes: I'm looking for a step by step tutorial for how to set up the keynote database for the sheet notes, so that the key marks in the keynotes read the way I would like (A1, A2, A3 instead of 1, 2, 3, 4...).

Organization: I'm also looking for a step by step tutorial for how to organize the keynote databases for an organization.. if this is stored somewhere common, and how to set up the path for the database.

Interactivity: I need help to understand if the keynotes and the legends are linked (similar to Revit), so that if I change it in one place it will update in another (?)…. or if I need to somehow update the database and then reload in the drawing, in order to update notes or key marks, or if the keynotes and legends are just dumb entities in Autocad that aren't linked, except the initial time when the legend is created.

Keynotes in Standard Autocad: Some people in my organization are using standard Autocad (not Architecture). Can someone clarify if keynoting is available in standard Autocad?

Thanks for any help to clarify this process.