Summary: Visual Notification of a Manual Dimension

Description: Manually set Drawing dimensions.

Changing a Dimension manually is not ideal however there are some occasions where this is necessary to remove unwanted decimal places, when a dimension will not snap to the correct place, to simply to tidy up a drawing, or make a dimension appear as you want, it would be great to have that manual dimension text changed to a different color on screen. However when printed out or converted to a PDF it would appear in the default color.
The problem is, that manually set dimensions do not update with model changes. This way if you ever need to go back and change an existing design at a later date, you can instantly see which dimensions you have set yourself, and that need to be changed manually by you, or reset back to automatic. I have been in this situation before where I have had to manually change a dimension for some reason, and months later edited the model for another reason and accidentally sent out new drawings with a wrong measurement, because it had been manually set and not picked up.
In a large set of drawings it could take hours to go through every measurement to find one that you have set manually. I know there is a menu to which you can go to check them, but why not just have an automatic visual confirmation.

Product and Feature: Inventor - Drawing Manager

Submitted By: neil.218454 on 10/16/2019