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    Default Dynamic axis

    Hi, I want to create a block of axis with following features:
    1. Variable length of an axis (linear stretch).
    2. Variable number of stations along axis depending on the length of the axis.


    Point 1 is not a problem but I cannot solve point 2 issue.
    I think stations need to be an array action.
    I've tried the base station (base for an array action) as a field text or as a ordinate dimension but it failed each time (field still refers to the base station, and ordinate dim copies and does not sustain the base in ''0'').
    I can attach this files if it helps.

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    Default Re: Dynamic axis

    Will this block operate within a certain distance range? (like from 1 to 20) If so, it could be accomplished with a visibility state for each number sequence. The visibility state chosen would be chosen by the length of the line. If the line can be defined in an incremental distance then those lengths can be entered into a block parameter table and matched with the appropriate visibility state. If the length needs to be variable, then it can be done with a double lookup table the match distance ranges to visibility states.

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    Default Re: Dynamic axis


    I have a similar problem (but with an additional dimension):

    I want to extend a labeled grid to the right and to the top. I am using a stretch action and an array action for the geometry, based on incremental linear parameters ('X' and 'Y'). The labels are controlled with visibility states, so that an additional corresponding label appears with every increment on either the X- or Y-axis.

    My problem is that I need to link the visibility states to the geometry changes (not the other way around). I could change the geometry and add the labels by selecting a visibility state from the dropdown list (images 1 and 3), based on the Block Properties Table (image 4). However, I have 2000 visibility states (cartesian product with 80 x-values and 25 y-values), and therefore a selection from the dropdown list is not feasible. I want to select the grips for the linear parameters and change the visibility state for the labels every time one of the grips reaches an increment.

    When the option 'Block properties must match a row in the the table' is unchecked in the Block Properties Table, I get the grips, but the visibility states don't change when I move them (image 2). When it is checked, I don't get to see the grips.

    I read about a solution with a double lookup table, but couldn't get it to work (as I can't use any of the present parameters as lookup parameter).

    I'd appreciate if somebody could point me in the right direction with this...
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