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Thread: Estimating Man Hours

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    Default Estimating Man Hours

    Hi ,

    Is there any process to provide man hours for modelling and Drawing production in Revit based on site area and LOD

    Vamsi Padala

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    Default Re: Estimating Man Hours

    There may not be a REAL answer for this. Alot of this is based on how content and templates are setup, years of exp of the staff, and company workflow.

    BJ Warren

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    Default Re: Estimating Man Hours

    I'd say a lot of that also depends on building type and what your doing. Detailing a complex curtain wall system could take weeks. While detailing a PCC Exterior could be rather simple. It also depends on LOD and how accurate you really want to model it. Are you modeling it to include things like Caulk Joints and such? Are you adding in all the soft joints? Are you modeling it with just the bare bones and then detailing it? Or are you going to spend the time to model it so you can just cut the detail and all you need to do is annotate the detail?
    We used to be able to model, detail and document pharmacy stores for a chain in about 20hrs or less. But I've also spent the better part of 60hrs to develop, model, detail and document an entry canopy for Hospital.
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