Hello All

Thank you in advance.

I tried several times to get 2020 working. first I had an issue with License time-out after starting ACAD. Then I totally uninstalled the program and now I cannot install it die to an error#=> 1603. Then after reading some suggestions, I installed License update then I get a message saying I cannot start autodesk desktop licensing service and get an error# => 1053. Something so simple is taking me forever to solve. any suggestions will be great. Here is what I tried thus far.

Please note it worked for about 2 months and then I started getting License timeout error.

1. Update License
2. Give FULL permission to files and folders as needed
3. Fully uninstalled and reinstalled ACAD
4. Uninstalled and reinstalled license
5. All Virus / Firewall disabled

I am running windows 7 with current SP