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    Summary: The ability to save and manage REVCLOUD styles.

    Description: I would like AutoCAD to be able to manage REVCLOUD styles similar to Dimension Styles. Where as the settings can be fixed and standardized across an office and they will have the ability to be scaled according to the dim scale.

    Also the cloud would know whether it is in model space or papersace and adjust the scalefactor accordingly.

    How Used: It is very frustrating to always update the revcloud settings prior to launching the command. Also, when many people collaborate on the same file all the clouds look different.

    The revcloud manager will get rid of this frustration!

    Feature Affinity: Other

    Submitted By: David Shabat on July 31, 2007

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    These are some nice ideas here. If work is to be done on the revcloud, some of these ideas suggest it, but don't say it, I think the revcloud might be a good new object type and have dynamic properties. This would allow switching to different revcloud styles and be also stretch to new shapes/sizes. Exploding it would leave us with the pline we current have.

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    Be sure to rank this wish @

    FWIW, here's a related wishlist.

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