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Thread: multiline text rotation

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    Default Re: multiline text rotation

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBox View Post
    You mean the PNGOUTT (aka PNGOUT Transparent) app from a while back?

    That's awesome!

    That's the one, you need to post that app.
    Thanks again! :beer
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    Default Re: multiline text rotation

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Beauford View Post
    That's the one, you need to post that app.
    Thanks again! :beer
    That's kind of you to say; thanks.

    'Tis the Season, so here's a short story -

    Someone (anonymous) recently contacted me about getting that app to work with 2016 (I had only coded it for a newer version for you), and so I did - literally took longer to write them the email than it did to get it to work with older versions - and they were so appreciative that they insisted on compensating me for it.

    But I don't need anything; life is good (finally!), I've got a great job that pays me well, we've got our first baby on the way (a boy!) and it's the holidays. I've got a lot to be thankful for, so I explained that I offered them what I was willing to give and didn't need any compensation. That if they really wanted to do something, to consider making a charitable donation and I'd gladly give them one or all of my apps for free depending on the donation, then I gave a suggestion of where I might do same, but made clear they need not do anything and that's perfectly fine too.

    So, a few days later I get an email from them that includes the confirmation of their making a LARGE donation to the charity of their choice and their incredible generosity floored me... The thought that I spent so little time/effort and it resulted in such a kindness really gets me in feels, even now.

    Kind of makes me want to do something like that every year (publicly), like an actual event or something, I dunno, not really my specialty... I've got a lot of good around me right now (hard to top) and for someone to make me feel even better about my life choices was kind of amazing.

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