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Thread: moving a surface

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    Default moving a surface

    Is it possible to move a surface? i have a topo of a roadway with a completed surface model.
    I now have to move the horizontal location of the survey data. in the past i have not had good look doing this.
    it messed up the surface. i have read that i should not select the surface when moving, only the surface data.
    I gather the surface data is the feature lines, cogo points, etc. that were used to create the surface.

    any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: moving a surface

    It is possible. The biggest mistake I've seen made over and over is not being careful with object snaps and changing elevations or adding a tilt to the surface, so be careful and make lots of checks. I would first turn on all layers, unlock all layers, unlock all points and surfaces.
    I would make a block of the whole drawing and move it to the location and double check the elevations and points agreement.

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