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Thread: TIP - managing multiple entities when working with vendor supplied AutoCAD data

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    Default TIP - managing multiple entities when working with vendor supplied AutoCAD data

    Anyone who has gotten drawings files or DXF files from vendors online and tried to effectively use the supplied files can tell you just how much fun it can be. Of the 32,750 individual line segments and arcs that make up that PLC module you want to put in your panel layout, I will bet you will have missed some when you attempt to move or copy it in the past. Grouping the items may one way to work effectively with them, however there is another method that works as well and provides more flexibility. After opening the source file, determine what you would like to use as a reference point for the data. Select the Clipboard \ Copy with base point option from your right click menu. Pick the desired base point for the soon to be inserted data when prompted, and select the entities you would like to use. You now have on the clip board, data, with a viable insertion point (rather than bottom leftmost point, as general block insertion will use). To insert the data in your drawing, select Clipboard / Paste as block. When the entities are inserted, they will have both a practical insertion point and be in block form. This will assure that, if you need to manipulate the included data in some way, there are no stray bits left at random locations. To edit the data, use the Block editor feature (right click menu again). Do not explode the newly inserted block!
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