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Thread: Built in Renderer for 3DS max

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    Default Built in Renderer for 3DS max

    I am new to Max and would like to start tinkering with rendering using the built-in renderers. I cannot justify the cost of a 3rd party renderer right now. Where should I start? Quicksilver, Art, Scanline, VUE, or Arnold? Are there any good resources for free tutorials and materials for these?

    Thanks for any input!

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    Default Re: Built in Renderer for 3DS max

    You can envisage how visitors & inhabitants interact with construction by visualizing building with 3D BIM, before it becomes real. Visualizations can get hampered by the ability of viewer to interpret drawings or the nature of the artist’s renderings.

    In this regard, Revit & 3DS Max software applications provide the right solution, through the ability to visualize building performance before construction.

    Using Revit & 3DS Max, you can explore, validate and convey building designs for visualizing construction, identifying constructability issues & saving time.

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