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Thread: Any thoughts on widenings improvement?

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    Default Any thoughts on widenings improvement?

    Hello all,

    I have been developing for some time, but only about 6 weeks with autocad (and only with civil 3d).

    I am looking for any suggestions on programmatically adding widenings to our offset alignments. We have 2 parallel offset alignments and usually over 40 widening groups. This is a tedious thing to enter by hand, so enter my involvement. I have code that will do it.

    Im using VS 2019, C# .NET


    The problem is that for 15 widenings, no problem. 20 takes an extra minute. by the time we get to 30, it is 4 or 5 minute wait for completion. I need it to run for 50 widenings or more to function. I let it run for 30 minutes on a longer one before my computer crashed for other reasons.

    I have narrowed this thing down to just the function call, it is not the looping constructs I use around it, it just take the actual command that long to process once there are that many groups.

    I don't know if there is an Object ARX way to attack this or if there is some mojo that one of you can suggest?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Any thoughts on widenings improvement?

    Welcome to AUGI.

    Always hard to identify where the bottleneck is without code we can test on our end; it's either going to be the native API or your code logic.

    Civil 3D doesn't really offer an ARX API, so you're pretty much relegated to .NET API.

    Sometimes a simple extension method can be used to overcome a code-efficiency obstacle, or simply adding multiple before commit()-ting a Database Transaction, in lieu of calling Commit() after each, etc would be helpful.

    Again, no code for us to look at to be able to offer something more specific than stabs in the dark.

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    Default Re: Any thoughts on widenings improvement?

    I think this one might be a dead end. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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