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    Default commands

    Where can I download basic autocad instructions? We are a small firm only using the two-dimensional capabilities for AutoCAD Architecture. Our section is switching from the 2010 version to the 2018 version. Unfortunately, we do not have the manuals for both versions. Can you please help me? Thank you

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    You want written materials? AutoCAD comes with a huge User Guide, start here.

    For video type training, you can search around on Youtube, or look into one of the paid services such as Global eTraining, or LinkedIn Learning, and there are dozens more.
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    Online Help:
    Helpful videos on YouTube can be added to Subscriptions for quick access.
    Lots of online resources available in account for users that are logged in including Screencast:
    In My Dashboard users can add helpful links in Collections:

    Having each user complete the tutorials would be a good start.

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