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Thread: Steel Beam and Pipe Flanges and Fittings

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    Default Steel Beam and Pipe Flanges and Fittings


    Here are a couple of vb programs for inserting blocks of various beam sections and pipe fittings into a drawing file.

    I created these for my own use and have found them quite handy, I am now retired and only use Acad occasionally, so am sharing the fruits of my labours, warts and all, with any one who cares to make use of them.

    They are in mm units, if imperial units are required the .dat files, in the 'acad/vba/datafiles' folder will need to be modified.
    Not a difficult task although time consuming. (perhaps I'll look into it as a project)

    Have reattched the and included a fix for Imperial sizes of American Steel sections only ........ 17/12/20

    Have also posted this in the Dynamic Blocks shared area as I feel these are easier to use than a block library.
    Also posted on the 'Swamp' a few years ago user name Calteq

    Enjoy .......
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