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Thread: Revit- Face base family Annotation

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    Question Revit- Face base family Annotation


    I have created a fire alarm panel family(Face base) with nested annotation.

    I want to move this annotation by using parameters. I can move annotation along with the base(Wall).
    I am not able to move the annotation vertically from the base.

    Is there any solution available to do the same?

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    Default Re: Revit- Face base family Annotation

    In your annotation family add a reference line away from the origin, group your symbol elements and lock them the that reference line. Add a parameter so you can move that reference line away or towards the origin. Set that distance to 0 initially so your symbol is on the origin plane. Load into your face based family. Align origin to origin. Link the offset parameter of the annotation family to an instance parameter in your face based family. When you load in to your model you can offset the symbol in the family parameters. Note as this ultimately moves the symbol in the annotation family the offset distance will be the scaled distance of the view, where as I imagine the side to side offset you have already worked out probably moves the symbol in model distance.

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