Hello everyone,

I am collecting some industry data to be able to build a business plan for my current company's BIM Management department. I am currently the BIM Manager here but it is just me at the moment. I am planning on creating a BIM Management department but I need to get a better idea of the average BIM Management person to Revit user ratio (if that makes sense) before I finalize my plan.

If any of you are willing to answer a few questions, it would be very helpful!

1) Number of Revit users (omit those who merely use Revit to view models)
2) Number of BIM Management professionals
3) Utilization rate of BIM Management professionals (what percentage of their time is used on projects)
4) Which disciplines you serve where Revit is utilized (Architectural/Structural/Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing/other)
5) Number of physical offices your company has
6) Optional: If you have more than one BIM Management professional, do they have different specialties/roles? If so, can you share how their roles are divided?

Thank you in advance! I know that everyone is pretty busy right now and I appreciate any input I can get.