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Thread: Block Library

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    Default Block Library

    How can I setup a standard block library to be used by all users? What are some best practices or advice on setting this up?

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    Default Re: Block Library

    That will depend on how many users will be able to access the library.

    Here is what my company has set-up for out block library for about 50 CAD users worldwide.
    All of our CAD blocks and dwg templates are on SharePoint and we currently looking at other options to support this. We have two different folder types:
    \Engineering - CAD
    \Engineering - CAD User Submissions

    Our dwg's consists of Audiovisual Infrastructure, Functional / Signal Line Diagrams and Mounting Details.

    \Engineering - CAD: (approved library)This folder only has read access for everyone except for a handful of select people that have write privileges. This folder has our title block, dwg templates, approved blocks, documentation and etc.

    Engineering - CAD User Submissions: (Block /dwg submissions from user) This folder is where CAD user submits there blocks for approval and has write and read privileges for everyone.

    When a CAD user submits a block for approval a member of the CAD Council will review and make changes as necessary before moving it to the approved library. The blocks in "User Submission" folder are available to use even if it has not been approved.

    Our CAD user know to look in the approved library first for a block before using one in the User submission folder. If both folders do not have a the block, the CAD user is free to make the block and submit it to "CAD User Submissions" folder.

    About 95% of our blocks are for our Functional / Signal Line Diagrams.

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    Default Re: Block Library

    Many ways this can be done. Many years ago I created block libraries, but have since gone to simply keeping them grouped in drawings. I have for instance a MUTCD drawing from Florida Dept of Transportation with blocks of roadway signs. They can easily be inserted from Design Center which lists the signs alphabetically by name while displaying the blocks image as well. I also have a macro using the ADCNAVIGATE command which loads a specified drawing file, folder, or network path in the DesignCenter Folders tab. Including the path to that MUTCD drawing gives me instant access to that sign library as well as FDOT fonts etc…
    ^C^C^P(command "adcnavigate" "G:/ENGDESGN/BeaufordT/Blocks/MUTCD.dwg")
    Tom Beauford P.S.M. - Civil 2020 on Windows 10 Enterprise
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    Default Re: Block Library

    I agree that there are multiple ways to manage a blocks/symbols library. What I would recommend is to start with a block file.... its simply a dwg that you put your blocks in. If you are at the point where you can break up blocks into similar themed categories, then have multiple block files.... ie: a dwg called "Windows" for windows, "Doors" for doors, "Vehicles" for cars, trucks, crane trucks, etc... you get the idea... it just depends on what industry you're in and what makes since to you and the people using the block files. I know this sounds obvious, but sometimes it's not.

    Next place these blocks on a server where everyone can access the blocks through the Design Center. Eventually as you learn more, you can get into Toolpalettes and managing those block on them. There's allot of content on Toolpalettes, too much to describe here and not necessary to regurgitate here.

    Make sure to name your blocks. Do not leave them random names or names that make no since....

    Keep it simple to start

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    Default Re: Block Library

    Our blocks were in menu's and like others are grouped, they live only on the server. I used the old fashioned mnu and slides a lot this being replaced now by tool palettes.
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