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Thread: Poll: Is your team set up for remote work?

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    Default Re: Poll: Is your team set up for remote work?

    Quote Originally Posted by dkoch View Post
    We made it to the end of the second week. An email from on high has extended the work from home "for the forseeable future". And here I thought this was all going to be over before Easter.

    This week was much closer to normal, in terms of support request volume. Still frustrating when trying to provide support and the technology refuses to cooperate. TeamViewer is wonderful (way better than Skype for Business), but there have been several occasions where it would not connect. We are also expanding our hours of support coverage to accommodate those working non-traditional hours as they try to juggle work and family while all stuck at home.

    I have a lower minimum daily requirement for social interaction than most people, but even I find the current situation difficult. But I am thankful that I remain employed, when so many others have been laid off because their jobs cannot be done remotely (teachers, waitresses, entertainers, etc.).
    I'm glad things are evening out for your team and you're all finding your way in the new normal.

    I have actually been getting more social time than usual, because people now have the time to do video chats and more messaging than they usually do, so I'm in heaven.
    Also, more video meetings with my team (video is mandated by the client) because they're not discussing issues over coffee or their cube wall, there is a more formal exchange of data that I am not being excluded from.

    The thing that is really getting me, is not going out. I'm used to going shopping a couple times a week for groceries, taking the kids out to art fairs or to eat. Now? Getting groceries delivered to keep myself safe, and trying to find more stuff for the kids to do that isn't centered on the computer (though their teachers continue to send them work and schedule online classes).
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    Default Re: Poll: Is your team set up for remote work?

    An update to my original post, we now are using Autodesk BIM 360 and are working on several Revit projects on the cloud.
    Definitely a new experience for us, we're used to local models/central models on our server.
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