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    Question Description Keys

    I have a Description Key Set that I added a few new description keys parameters. The first new parameter worked perfectly, the designated points changed to the correct style/label/layer. Now the rest of the new ones I'm adding are not being applied. I've saved the drawing, closed down to program, everything I can think of to refresh the drawing.

    There is only one Description Key Set in the drawing. I've tried adding another DKS with these rogue point descriptions; that did not work. I've been searching for a location where the DKS is named as a default.

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    Default Re: Description Keys

    The codes are case sensitive.
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    I do have the missing link a import description key sets, you can add or create a complete new one. It uses excel as the source as much easier to copy lines etc

    You can export a key set to excel but there is no default import.

    Post here and can provide more information.

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