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Thread: Creating a Column Fireproofing Schedule

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    Default Creating a Column Fireproofing Schedule

    I am trying to create a schedule that will tell the contractor what UL assembly is to be used at each steel column to provide fireproofing. I would like to be able to use the Column Location Mark from a linked Structural model. I would then like to provide a field where I can enter which UL assembly is to be used at each column location. I tried to create a schedule that included elements in links. I was able to bring in the column location mark, but when I created an instance text type parameter that I hoped would let me just type in the UL assembly, I was not able to enter any text in this column within the schedule. Is this because of the linked model? Is there a way to make what I am looking for possible? Is there a better to way to provide the UL assembly information to contractor in another way? We are going to have 3-4 ways of addressing fireproofing (intumescent paint, spray-on, & gyp. bd wrap) with our columns and we would like a concise way to let the contractors know which UL assembly is to be used. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Creating a Column Fireproofing Schedule

    So part of this is that you're trying to schedule information from a linked model. Which means all the information about that object needs to come from that linked model. No different that doors and rooms from linked models. The rooms have to live in both.

    So 2 thoughts, one you could copy monitor all the columns from the structural model and map the family to one that contains no geometry, just an invisible model line. From there you could add any text based parameter you'd like and schedule that. But the element needs to live in your model as I doubt your structural consultant will allow you to add information to theirs.

    Second thought is model the fireproofing assembly as a family and tag and schedule it.

    On my past projects, we've just use a graphical representation to indicate which columns need to have spray applied and which ones need intumescent as those required different preps. (ie we made a plan). Anything that was getting a ratted surround is indicated by wall type. UL listing were in the specs, but which assembly they used was up to the contractor as there's more than one way to accomplish the job and means and methods are up to the contractor.
    But that's a different discussion.
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