Does anybody have experience working with MEP Fabrication parts in Revit 2020 and creating schedules for sheet metal? I am having troubles scheduling all the parameters of the different fittings. I am also trying to figure out a way to export those schedules to work with a fab shop program (I believe our shop uses Trimble). Does anyone know if I can do this from Revit somehow, or if there is another program that can? Also, the typical websites to download Revit families do not seem to have libraries for Fabrication Parts. Are there any libraries out there to download more fittings that do not come with the out-of-box content?

I am used to working with Sysque but I cannot convince my current company to purchase it. From what I can tell though, MEP Fabrication parts has come a long way. It seems I can do most of the things Sysque can do except for create spool drawings, export a file for a fab shop program, and no libraries.