Hello to my new friends!

Searching the forum, I have been unable to find any best practices for converting 2-Dimensional drawings (CAD, hand-drawn, etc.) to BIM. From what I've found in the industry, most groups will just do the conversion by hand or hire it out to a freelancer or outsourced company, which seems very long and arduous (expensive).

Is there a great need to simplify or automate this process? It seems like many design firms continue to create in 2D (and I don't blame them, it's easier and more cost effective), but upon delivery to the contractor, they'd rather use BIM in managing these projects. Would love to hear your opinions on this.

Haven't been on this forum long but I've been passionate about BIM in my studies for a few years now and will be joining the industry in a few weeks.

Thanks for your time and insight,

GA (New Friend)