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Thread: Civil 3D 2021 - Pressure pipe runs

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    Default Civil 3D 2021 - Pressure pipe runs

    just started looking into civil 3d 2021 and the pressure pipe runs. I create a new parts list, from the PVC Material. When i ran the add new pipe run, it would not add the bends to the pipe run. If i used the preloaded part list water and ran the new pipe run, it would add the bends. still new to pressure pipes. looking for insight into why it only works for Autodesk part list and not a new one. thanks

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    Default Re: Civil 3D 2021 - Pressure pipe runs

    can you add bends by picking the 'add fitting' button? using the PVC catalog, with PVC pipes and DIP fittings in my parts list, I don't get bends (or the full compass) using the pipes and bends tool, but can manually add the bends.

    If i use PVC bends, in the parts list then it works with the compass and adding bends directly, but limited sizes and angles (no 11.25 bend for example) make it not that useful

    this is c3d 2019 -- sounds like no improvements in 2021
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