Summary: Wish pipes runs could use PVC as Pipe Material and DI on Pipe Bends. to match how waterlines are design and layout in the real world

Description: In Civil 3D 2021, when doing a pipe run. Civil 3D will layout out the pipe along with the the required angle bend. this only works if the ID Material matches. PVC on PVC or DI on DI. Well when I layout waterline for design I use C900 pvc pipe with DIMJ fittings. In order for me to use this feature inside of Civil3D I will have to create a custom part list with Pipe and Fittings ID material matching, but the part Description being either PVC or DI to read in the civil 3D labels.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Pipe Network

Submitted By: jmyers487961 on 05/01/2020