I have a large parts drawing with multiple sheets - 1 for each part.
Each part gets a table of part description, part number, finish, quantity, size & comments.

I would like each of these part lists to be extractable to excel so I created an excel file with 1 sheet for each part. In AutoCAD I created a Data Link connection to each sheet and then placed a table using the data link.

When i place the table using the data link, it automatically comes in with excel overrides, which are not what I want to see, but there is no way to disable them before I place the table. After i place the table, i can right-click on the table and "Remove all property overrides" and then I can set it to be a table style I have set up. The problem is, I still have to change the width of the table and then of each column, change the cell border styles (in a way that cannot be pre-set in the table style) and fiddle with the length of the table. and I have to do this 50+ times.

Is there a way to somehow maintain the formatting of a table I previously set up for each new table I place when using the Data Link? I can have it keep the properties when I don't use the Data Link, but this option goes away with DL. it is SO frustrating!!
I was hoping to copy and paste a DL table with the formatting all set up and then re-path the data link to a different sheet in the excel file, but I can't seem to do this... I also placed a regular non-DL table, and then tried making it a DL table, but no luck there either.

Is there no way to maintain formatting for each DL table?!