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Thread: Point symbols have disappeared

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    Default Point symbols have disappeared

    So, I'm working on the drawing for a road topographic survey. Everything looks great. Then all of a sudden some of my symbols associated with survey points are missing....I have tried anything I could think of to restore them. Not all of the symbols, just the storm curb inlet and round CB symbols. See attached. Any suggestions would be great. The symbol for ST113 should be a round CB, it's gone....The symbol for ST112 is a Storm MH, it looks great....

    Thanks in advance,
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    Default Re: Point symbols have disappeared

    There's a few reasons this could be happening and without drawing access can't say for sure.

    -My first guess is that the point group that controls the display of the point ST113 (and others) is set to a no symbol style. There's different ways to set up how points display their point style and point label style and one of them involves using point groups that look for specific information and displays the point based on what it finds, but I personally hate this method as it can get complicated and confusing fast as it's not intuitive for most users. Bottom line is that point groups in the toolspace work on a hierarchy system so if ST113 is classified in a group at the top of the list and that group is set to a no symbol style it doesn't matter that ST113 may also be in another point group below that says any code with the code ST in it should be a storm manhole, it will prioritize the highest point group. You will have to poke around your point groups by right clicking on each one, going to the properties, and reviewing what they are doing.

    -The point had its point style manually changed. Assuming you use Description Key Sets you can probably select that point(s) that are using the wrong point style, right click, and tell it to apply description key set. That should (or could) reset it, but otherwise reviewing the actual point style for it should give you an indication. If the cogo point has been assigned a specific style then point groups cannot dictate it anymore, but if when you select the cogo point it says the point and/or point label style is set to <default> that would make me believe that point groups are set up to look for specific codes and assign point styles and point label styles.

    -Embedded layers in a point style that has been frozen. This is probably not it as other cogo points appear to be showing, but if for some reason a point style has been duplicated and changed this certainly could be it. You should be able to select the point and see the point style in the properties panel, edit it, and check it. Can also check its point style against the others.

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    Default Re: Point symbols have disappeared

    Bedit the storm curb inlet and round CB symbol blocks to compare layer settings to what you're using for a Storm MH. Compare the dimensions of those blocks and the scales used to insert them.
    With multiple Description Key Sets the order may have changed accidentally, top to bottom the first one with that Key is used.
    Have you checked to see if they plot?
    Just to check if it's an issue with your graphics card since this may be a large drawing.
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