I have been given the task to snoop around and find a solution to autoupdate a customized tool palette for multiple ACAD LT users but I guess that at this moment in time it's fair to say that I welcome any suggestions as my ideas have not proven practical - below is a summary of how I have tried to approach the task at hand.

After creating a customized tool palette, I have exported the .xtp file to a shared network location telling the end user to first import the .xtp from the given network location followed by mapping the same network location from the 'tool palettes file locations' in the user menu, under the file tab. Have told the end user to close ACAD application and open it once more after I have updated and overwritten the .xtp file at the same network location hoping that the end user would be able to see new content in the customized tool palette but this exercise proved me wrong.

So, my question is what am I doing wrong? Is all of this mission impossible due to an ACAD LT handicap as I have notice that there is no 'update from catalog' feature in the design center and neither an 'auto-refresh' box to tick off in the 'customize tool palettes' function?

Best regards and stay safe,