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Thread: Data Extraction from Profile Databand with Easting Northing Information

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    Default Data Extraction from Profile Databand with Easting Northing Information

    Hi All,

    I hope, all is well and safe.

    I am a hydraulic modeller. So, not that well versed in AutoCAD, Civil3d data management. For a project, I have received CAD drawings (Plan and Profile) for a previously done design. Objective is to extract necessary data to build hydraulic model. The drawings include one profile plot drawing of pipe sections and one plan drawing of the network.
    My question is, is there a work process to extract the elevation (Invert level, Proposed Ground Level (as shown above in image)) data from the profile data band to a CSV file? While at it, I also want to include Easting and Northing coordinate data for each chainage data location. Objective is to connect the profile data to the Plan drawing.

    Also attaching the drawings with the thread. I have access to AutoCAD, ArcGIS and Civil3D.

    Many thanks for your feedbacks. Kind regards.
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