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    Hi all,
    I'm a GIS person by trade and I use AUTOCAD MAP a lot. However, I've been tasked to do some Civil/Structural work for a bid. It's been a while for me, but I'm trying to dimension a steal column and beam. I am in MS and I have a TRUE SIZE for a column in MS. However, I'm trying to dimension it and inches are coming up and I want feet, with fractions. Also, the inches are shown with a comma, not "108.75", but "108,75". Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I tried dimsty, but that doesn't do anything.

    FWIW, I am using a basic ACADISO.dwt template and I thought that would work, but alas...

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    Default Re: Dimension Style/Units

    Hi gisdude,
    Should be a fairly straightforward/quick fix for the issues you describe.

    Simply right-click on your dimension and bring up the properties box. From here you can adjust your 'primary units' settings using the drop-down options so it displays how you want - i.e. change your decimal separator to a period '.' and switch your dim units to 'Engineering'. You can also adjust the number of decimal places with the appropriately-named precision setting.

    When you're happy with the result, you can then save it as a new dimension style for future use. Sorted!

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