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Thread: SSM placing view best practices

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    Default SSM placing view best practices

    Just getting back into using SSM. Used it quite a bit years ago. One thing I don't believe I ever sorted out was a best practice on placing views.

    When you place a view, it seems to put the label block, and the viewport on the same layer. Obviously I want the viewport on the VPORT Layer so it doesn't print the outline of the viewport. The label block I want on another layer. Is there a way to make this happen automatically? It'd be one less thing I have to manually fix on every sheet.


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    Default Re: SSM placing view best practices

    You want additional automation when it comes to SSM? Unfortunately, I don't see that happen. I don't think SSM has been modified since it was introduced.

    If you have full AutoCAD (and not LT), then you could get some automation added after the fact to move your viewports to the VPORT layer. You might search our AutoLISP programming forum to see if anything is already shared on here.
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