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    If this is the wrong forum, then please move the post into the correct forum.

    I'm pretty new to Autocad and REALLY new to blocks. I would like to create a block where the user edits two attributes/fields (what's the difference) and then the block displays them together. For example attrib1/field1 = "Hello" and attrib2/field2 = "World" then I would like the block to somehow display "Hello World". Ideally this would be displayed via mtext with a border that automatically expands/contracts to the length of the text.

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    Are you wanting to do this process programmatically. If not, then we can move this thread to an appropriate forum.
    If you have a technical question, please find the appropriate forum and ask it there.
    You will get a quicker response from your fellow AUGI members than if you sent it to me via a PM or email.

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