Hi all,
I tried to pose earlier and I didn't do something right.

I have been using AutoCAD for years and created our electrical library.
I now have installed my copy of electrical 2019 and am trying to learn the software.

I can create a project, drawings and use the AutoCAD Electrical.dwt file

I have several questions
I have a copy of the tutorial for 2010 and it uses the AGES files, which I have and found.

1. when I insert a block into a file, there is a location area, when I click on the drawing, I get a pop up box with Jbox1, Machine, Mcab5, and Opsta3.
how do you program those into the system?
2. is there any training videos showing how to create a project from scratch and reference the location?
I found lots of videos on youtube, but everything has a project and all the information already in there/

thanks in advance,