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Thread: Adaptive Component of parametric undulating waves

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    Default Adaptive Component of parametric undulating waves

    I have three inverted wavy splines that are being controlled parametrically. The end points of each spline are connected by splines to create the edges of the intended surface.

    Annotation 2020-08-20 111855.png

    If I select the edge splines and the outside wave splines (but not the middle wave spline) and use the "Create Form" tool then a surface is successfully created (but it ignores the middle wave so the surface doesn't undulate like I need it to). If I try and include the middle wave spline in the selection, then the "Create Form" tool gives me an error saying "Unable to create form element: self-intersecting or singular geometry would result."

    How do I create a surface that uses the middle wave spline too?

    I've also tried this: created a reference point on each of the wave splines and put a spline through those three points. This creates a hosted spline that moves dynamically along the waves as you drag it (which looks pretty cool). I was hoping that by selecting the three wave splines and the hosted spline that it would "sweep" the hosted spline along the waves. But that didn't work with the "Create Form" tool either.

    I've attached my file. Can anyone direct me on how to do this?
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