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Thread: How to convert my drawings to t-shirt designs?

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    Default How to convert my drawings to t-shirt designs?

    Hey guys, I've got a lot of hand-drawings of the designs I want to put on t-shirts but I'm not sure how to do that. Basically what I'm wondering is how you create designs on your screen, or how you turn already-drawn designs into a format that will take print shops. Thank you

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    Default Re: How to convert my drawings to t-shirt designs?

    I'm not an expert on printing on t-shirts, but my experience has been they usually need vectorized art work for screen printing.

    Assuming your drawing on the screen is the way you want to print it, you could use the "export" command and try saving to an ".eps" file for them to use.
    The problem I see is things like "line weight" where the lines need to be "outlined" to be printed, where AutoCAD usually defines a thickness of a single line when printing, and so doesn't translate in an .eps to a thickness I believe.

    I know some companies can print an image, not sure of the quality, but again, you could export to a ".jpg" file.
    There is software out there like Corel Draw (or sim, maybe photoshop?) that will vectorize images, in other words will "outline" the image entities, but it takes some work and some t-shirt companies can do that for a fee.

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