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Thread: Building a budget PC for AutoCAD use

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    Default Building a budget PC for AutoCAD use

    So, a friend is having me build a pc that she can use for AutoCAD for school. I got pretty much everything down and was wondering if a GTX 1050 ti, 1060 or one of the RX series cards would provide a tangible benefit. Or should I dump the card and opt for a beefier CPU? Got kind of a slim budget of $600.

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    Default Re: Building a budget PC for AutoCAD use

    Start by looking at hardware and software system requirements for the specific product she's going to use which you can find here:
    There was a big increase in requirements starting with the 2019 versions. CPU speed is most important keeping in mind AutoCAD only uses 1 of those processors so an Intel chip that ends in K like an i7-7700K may have 1 or 2 less processors but meets the Recommended: 3+ GHz processor for AutoCAD 2021. Starting in the 2021 version AutoCAD now can use another processor for some graphics stuff. Not much use for production but you can still make a $600 PC that should meet a student's needs.

    You should read some of the threads in AUGI's Hardware Forum:

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    Default Re: Building a budget PC for AutoCAD use

    Go for an i3 8th gen with 8 gb ram. Try getting a SSD instead of HDD. Any basic motherboard supporting the processor will do.

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