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Thread: Cannot find an element's group name using VBA

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    Default Cannot find an element's group name using VBA


    I´m new to AutoCAD VBA and I am having trouble getting the name of an element's group.

    I tried the code below (partial), but it didn't work.

    ElseIf MyObject.ObjectName = "AcDbHatch" Then

    Dim objGroup As AcadGroup
    Dim strGroupList As String

    Set objGroup = MyObject.groups.Item
    strGroupList = objGroup.Name
    MsgBox strGroupList, vbOKOnly, "List of Groups"


    Thanks in Advance,

    Bernardo from Brazil

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    Default Re: Cannot find an element's group name using VBA

    VBA doesn't have an api to tell what group an entity belongs to. You would need to use C# to look at it's persistent reactor or use lisp to examine its dxf codes. Norman mentioned on the Autodesk forum the only way. get the ThisDocument.Groups collection, iterate each group's Items collection looking for the ObjectID of the entity in question.
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