Summary: Export IDW to ACAD Mechanical DWG with seperate Layers of each Assembly Group

Description: If you export from the IDW to Mechanical DWG you get offered the Possibility to export each Part to an seperate Layer or Layer Group. That is a very good Feature. But if you have a big Assembly with thousends of Parts, the Layer list will find no End. Often you don't need each Part on a different Layer, but you need each Assembly Group on a different Layer. So that you can switch easily some Groups on and off, especially if you want to work with a 2d Drawing in AutoCad.
Instead of changing each of the hundreds of Layer manually, you could save a lot of expansive Workingtime!
So, if you can choose each Part on its own Layer, it must be possible to choose each Assembly Group on one Layer, named with the Tag of the Assembly Group.
No big Thing for the Programer- but a big Time Saver!
Thank You in Advance!

Product and Feature: Inventor - DWG

Submitted By: Brabo on 09/17/2020