Summary: Creating roads along a quarry highwall currently takes too much manual effort using Civil 3D. There needs to be a way to pick a starting point, add desired slope, and have Civil 3D draw a Feature line up/down the quarry wall surface until it reaches the top of bottom.

Description: Creating roads along steep irregular quarry slopes is a difficult task using current Civil 3D tools. It would be optimal to have a command where the user can select a starting top point, for example, and then Civil 3D would calculate and draw a feature line that follows the surface contours down the slope to the bottom at a desired user input slope such as 8%. This ability is great for road length estimating from the top to bottom of a quarry slope for example and it could also be used as a starting point to define the inside road edge for a fill ramp to the bottom of a quarry.

This is a feature other competing software has the ability to perform.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Feature Line

Submitted By: lawsons on 10/13/2020