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Thread: Constraints that don't cooperate

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    Default Constraints that don't cooperate

    I have made a block that is a callout with a reference to another drawing, to show more detail. The block contains both a box and a circle to enclose the part of the drawing that will make reference to another, more detailed drawing. In the circle callout, I have one that takes the reference split-circle to the left and the other takes it to the right. The different drawings of box and reference circle are in a list of Visibility States.
    The Visibility State that is called Circle--Left works perfectly. I want the drawing called Circle--Right to act the same way. But, after hours of trying different arrangements of Constraints and order of applying the Constraints, I have not been able to make it function the same as the left one.
    I have attached the block, called simply Callouts. Please help me to know how to make the Circle--Right operate the same as the Circle--Left. The problem is only with the Rotate action.
    Thanks much!
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